Oh My Illeana

Introducing new talent from First Time Video Girls, Illeanna, modeling absolutely perfect dukes, both amazingly tight and amazingly short. Perfect.


Lovely Camera Angle

Seasons Greetings to all from The Daisy Dukes Report! !

For all you tushy and panty maniacs, click HERE for the rest of this gallery.

This company also has a new All Panty Pass, if you are so inclined.


OMFG. New Photos From Cyber Sensation Leah

omfg. ok the classics above were old. below is the new.

That scrumptious ass belongs to XOXOLeah.

The rest of the photos from this new and sizzling hot gallery is HERE.


Gigi Goes Rollerskating

Gigi Spice is a woman after my own heart. Though if I tried rollerblading, I'd be in in close contact with the pavement.

For the rest of this gallery, perv on over HERE.


Introducing Kara Duhe

There is a lovely new Internet model making waves in the adult world: Kara Duhe.

Kara was the "
2008 AVN Awards Nomination Winner - "KARA DUHE, BEST NEW WEB STARLET." Congrats Kara!

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But Wait, There's Another Post on Gigi Spice

This is turning into the Gigi Spice blog. Does anyone mind? As I said previously, Gigi knows her way around a pair of short-shorts. I love what these shorts say: It's All About Me! Uh huh. . .I can see why.

For the rest of the gallery, perv on over HERE.


More Gigi

My Lord, this Latina hottie, one of the yummiest I have seen in some time, loves her tight short-shorts. Hmm mm. Supposed to be a military outfit, but she kind of looks like a UPS delivery person. Be that as it may, a dream......For the rest of the gallery, perv on over HERE. Enjoy the love.