Completely Mad over Madden

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New Latin Model: Gigi Spice

This company continues to find the horniest Latina hotties in the world, who often enjoy strolling about in tiny lil shorts. Introducing Gigi Spice.

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Not Short-Shorts, But It's New Kari Sweets

Without a doubt, one of the finest posteriors in the world belongs to Kari Sweets, a stunning Internet sensation who has even graced a few TV commercials for Girls Gone Wild.

So when some new (to this blogger) K-Sweets pix popped up on the Interweb, just had to share the sweetness.

She's got sweetness but spunk. Brattyness and sassyness. Would you say she's the girl next door or girl gone wild? I say both.



**Editorial Note: I am reposting my favest all-time dukes posts**

[This post originally appeared on The Cherry Red Report.]

Weary of all this holiday crazyness, and with the weather alternating between sleet, snow, rain and general fog today in New England, I am going through some moderate Daisy Dukes withdrawal symptoms.

I need more short shorts.

Thusly, I thought I'd share some delightful imagery of the terribly spankable and perfectly perky posterior of Tina, clad in panty-peeking shorts that would make the original Daisy Duke, Catherine Bach from the "Dukes of Hazzard" do a double-take on this deliciousness.

Pix courtesy of the Jeans and Panties web site, which offers a short teasing vid of Tina being quite naughty, sure to melt hard-drives everywhere.

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