**Editorial Note: I am reposting some of my all-time favorite daisy dukes posts**

Meet Lexxie.

Not only are these jean-shorts quite diminutive, they are cut low at the waist as well. Lexxie's such a naughty one, don't you think?

The belly-shirt and pony tails just add to the natural beauty of this strikingly beautiful woman.


Sweet Lil Angel

Meet Ann Angel's righteous posterior. Enjoy.


Mystery Model

I'm not sure who this striking model is. Be that as it may, the image below is one of the best I've seen. Dukes at their best.

Imagery from NonNudeGirls.



First off, thank you for making the "Daisy Duke Delurk Day" a great success! Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Dukes or denim thongs? You decide. More about this woman HERE.


Today is Dave's Daisy Duke Delurk Day!

Hello all,

Thrilling news! I simply want to announce today is officially "Dave's Daisy Duke DeLurk Day!" I know, please, try to contain your excitement.

I know a lot of folks surf on over to visit the Dukes blog, check out the lovely scenery, scroll through the archives -- but don't leave a comment. That's perfectly OK of course; however, we do love comments here at the Dukes Report headquarters, in which we celebrate the mind-numbing eroticism of impossibly tighttttt -- and snug -- and very short denim shorty shorts and their delicious offspring such as booty shorts and the like.

[I'm also VERY curious to know which is your favorite daisy dukes image.]

So feel free to say Hi and leave a comment. Today's as good a day as any. And pick your favorite dukes photo if you so desire, as well.

You can even be Anonymous if you are shy. :-)

Got Dukes?

Thx for reading and stay tuned for more sizzling, hard-to-find daisy dukes pix in the days and weeks ahead.