Tracy Nova

Got a bit of a new color scheme and look here at the dukes report. Hope you like? It's OK to leave a comment--I won't bite :)

Anyway, we here at DDR give this photo 3 snaps up in the Z formation! Pro model Tracy Nova is just looking divine.
Sadly, some not-too-bright soul tragically cropped the lower part of that amazing bottom in the photo. Unacceptable.


The Art of Garv, Part Deux


The Art of Garv

A teasingly hot masterwork by famed illustrator Garv.


Paris, from the Play with Paris website. Yum.


Krissy Goes Fishy

Not a huge fan of the fishnet look as worn by the spanktastic Krissy from Face Down Ass Up University, and her daisy dukes are really denim thongs, but, I mean, well, anyone complaining? :-)

Click here for the complete Krissy gallery.




Anime Dukes

I would not mess with her. Looks like she has a couple of fully-loaded 45's. Oh yeah, and that daisy duke thing.

Artist unknown.