The Always Spankable Nicole Sparks

Nicole Sparks doing some de-duking of her daisy dukes.


Shorts or Panties: The Debate Continues

These panties are really more like short-shorts. Or shorts that are more like panties. OK now I'm terribly confused. Be that as it may, it's just plain hot.

Image courtesy of La Zona Modelos, which is part of the LatinTeen Network.


Mystery Ass

Sadly, I do know who this bottom belongs to i.e. the name of the model.

Any alert reader recognize this sweet piece of tushy goodness? The dukes here are just how I like 'em---tight 'n' hot. [Pic courtesy of Flashy Babes.]

Of Britney, Braces and Daisy Dukes

I believe this model, Britney, is primarily aimed at folks who have a fetish for young hotties who are wearing braces.

......I believe this is an actual erotic fetish. I am not making this up, I think. But she dons the dukes in this pic, so it's all good.

You can perv over to Britney's site here.



Leah of XoXoLeaah fame, in the yellow top, in some yummy jean shorty shorts, posing with a friend. Perv on over here for the rest of the gallery.


Jade's Dukes Get a Hot Tanning

Spanktastic pic of delightfully naughty Jade getting a spanking from Chelsea Pfeiffer, courtesy of the site Good Spanking. One of my favest pix.

A few more pix were recently blogged on my other spanko blog here.


Reader Submissions: Gotta Love It

A reader was kind enough to send me this top-notch image (source unknown.) Thank you:)

[If any other DDR fans want to send in some pix for consideration, that is always welcome and encouraged. Thx folks!]


Pam Rodriguez, Part 1

Would you classify this as a jeans-inspired bikini bottom, or very, very skimpy daisy dukes? And does it really matter anyway? The bodacious Pam Rodriguez is something else.

Stay tuned for more Pam Rodriguez in jean-shorts images on DDR. I have some more images in my archives that are gonna' rock your world.


It's Summertime

Summertime, and the living is easy. Welcome to Megan Summers.


More Madden: Under Construction

More pix of Madden at a construction site doing some very important and dangerous construction. Warning: She has power tools.

Check out the rest of this Madden Construction Gallery.


Meet Madden

Introducing a new model you will want to meet: Meet Madden.

The country girl and the daisy dukes thing, it just never gets old. You will want to click here for more of Madden's CountryGirl Jean Shorts photos.