Yet Another Post on Short-Shorts

I'm running out of things to say about short-shorts. Hm.....Peachie? Are you out there? Any comments? :-)

Pix courtesy of the site linked below. For more naughty skimpy shorts and outrageously tight denim jeans and panties and such, click here:

For a few more piccies, DDR blogged about this site in a previous post which was very creatively titled: The Daisy Dukes Report: Dukes.


I Love The Czech Republic

Anastasia, who is from the Czech Republic, is featured here in these wonderful moody blue photographs....


Hot Dog

Wonderful image seen on Flickr. Model and photographer unknown.


Kaley Gets Her Dukes On

Ms. Kaley Kennedy has mastered the art of the barely there jean shorts, in all its denim-clad glory.


For more Kaley, click here:
KaleyKennedy Gallery -- Free Kaley JeanShorts Photos

For yet more Kaley, surf on over here:



Photo courtesy of:


Karla Spice: This Ain't No Spice Girl

Simply Classic.

Maybe I should call this blog "The Daisy Dukes, And Also Tight Jeans, Report" but that blog name just doesn't roll off the tongue too smoothly. Anyway.......

Karla Spice.


That is all,

But wait. There's More. Click here for

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I Like to Watch

[I'm re-posting this, as it's just too hot.]

Here we have a lovely video demonstration by cyber supermodel "Kate" on what asstastic, skimpy, drool-inducing jean short-shorts should look like (i.e. Very tight and Very small) and how to shimmy your juicy and bodacious backside for the camera.


Street Booty

(Left: Model Crista Moore shows her booty in some questionably street-legal and skimpy daisy dukes. Right: Two very happy people.)



Not quite short-shorts per se, I know, but um.....errm.......I mean.......I'm sorry, I.....have completely lost my train of thought here....what were we just talking about?

Photo of the exquisite Kasia courtesy of:



Canes as in Florida Hurricanes, right? Absolutely amazing pic, love how those shorts are folded down a bit. Looks like she's shopping for a matching top. Image seen on a fine, and kinky, French blog called "The Journal Le Fessee."

Comments on this blog are as always welcome and encouraged. :) Don't be shy people, it's only short-shorts.



Divinity Riding the Pocket Rocket

Live to Ride. Ride to Live.


It's Baseball Season -- Finally, So Here's Kari Sweets

Well, baseball season is finally and thankfully upon us, and not a moment too soon.

I'm done with winter. And football. And the Patriots choking in the Superbowl.

Anyway, what better way to usher in another season of America's Pastime than with Kari Sweets ?

***For the rest of the gallery, click here for more Kari Sweets***


Shredded Shorts

These shredded, skimpy scandalous shorts look scrumptious pasted on that exquisite bottom. Looks like her shorts got in a fight with a weed whacker or some such thing -- and lost, fortunately, for us. (Pacino's World image kind courtesy of the Latin Pass Network, an amazing website featuring some of the most beautiful, and delightfully naughty, women this blogger has seen.)


Ariel: Highly Spankable

How cute is that ?


What Can Brown Do For You?

Car Wash Suds

You have to love a woman that knows how to dress for the occasion.

For the rest of the yum pix from this gallery, click Right Here for more perversity.


Viktoria from Hungary Doing The Dukes

"These aren't too small, are they?"


Princess Blue Denim

OK. This is a truly asstastic image, though the yellow mesh top from the eighties is not working for this blogger.

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