Today is Dave's Daisy Duke Delurk Day!

Hello all,

Thrilling news! I simply want to announce today is officially "Dave's Daisy Duke DeLurk Day!" I know, please, try to contain your excitement.

I know a lot of folks surf on over to visit the Dukes blog, check out the lovely scenery, scroll through the archives -- but don't leave a comment. That's perfectly OK of course; however, we do love comments here at the Dukes Report headquarters, in which we celebrate the mind-numbing eroticism of impossibly tighttttt -- and snug -- and very short denim shorty shorts and their delicious offspring such as booty shorts and the like.

[I'm also VERY curious to know which is your favorite daisy dukes image.]

So feel free to say Hi and leave a comment. Today's as good a day as any. And pick your favorite dukes photo if you so desire, as well.

You can even be Anonymous if you are shy. :-)

Got Dukes?

Thx for reading and stay tuned for more sizzling, hard-to-find daisy dukes pix in the days and weeks ahead.


Sarah said...

Hi there, happy to delurk, although it's my first visit to the site (The Cherry Red Report told me to come...)so not sure I've done any lurking to delurk from... but it sure looks fun here, hope you don't mind if I stick around and have a good look?

Have a great delurking day :)

Charlie said...

With "Daisy Dukes" as with any spanking, the important thing is that the 'end' is in sight!

Thanks for the great photo collection.

Anonymous said...

i choose the cowgirl on the left!
great pics dave!!

Anonymous said...

I love your site and check it often. Both the Daisy Duke Report and Cherry Red Report are extremely well done! Thanks. Going back to lurking now ;)

Dave said...

Thank you Sarah--enjoy.

Charlie--the 'end' is in sight, indeed.

Thanks Imp :)

Hi Anon--Thx for the kind words and enjoy the (de)lurking.


Ken the Enchanter said...

Hi, Dave...

I'm one who frequents your sites but rarely leaves a comment... so thanks are overdue for the Saint of the spanking and bottom loving community. I really appreciate all your work -- if you can call collecting images and articles of the sort on DDR and CRR work.

A favorite image? Gad, one fave spankable in all the wealth? Quite impossible, though I am partial to Ms. Amber, who I discovered through your posts...can't decide whether she looks better in daisy dukes or out of them...

Thanks, Dave. This world is a better place with you in it.

Anonymous said...

This is a great blog! thanks for all the work!

Dr. Ken said...

My absolute favorite has to be a photo in the 2007 archives, in a post which I believe you titled, "Call it Asstastic". The photo is from Panty Rave, and in the post it's the third from the top--a lovely smiling Asian girl on her knees and elbows on a set of carpeted stairs, with a lollipop or something, looking back over her right shoulder. She's wearing a white top, and her Daisy Dukes are pulled down giving us a wonderful view of her bottom and her red thong panties.
That just hits all the right notes with me....:-)

Dr. Ken

Colin Mann said...

Hi, thanks for a wonderful site Dave.
My fav has got to be the one and only original Daisy Duke herself.
She had a most powerful effect on me when I was growing up. I only watched that crap prog because of her. It was time well spent.
Thanks again.
Colin Mann

Cc said...

Hii! Sexy Dukes, Dave! Thanks for sharing!