Cassie Leanne: Got Tushy?

Cassie sports some very large sun glasses and very skimpy jean short shorts, showing off a luscious bottom.


Peachie said...

This chick has some issues. What is with her licking a knife while dressed in a mesh top? And why is she climbing on a roof? Is that supposed to be sexy? Is there anyone really out there with an asphalt shingle fetish? The picture here is ok, though visible panty line is never a happy thing for a model. Her website though makes me wonder, and not in a good way.

Dave said...

Hi Peachie, I wish I had the answers to your queries. I do know you have a hatred of anything related to mesh tops.


Fireman Chris said...

Actually, tacky as it may seem, I rather enjoy VPLs (visible panty lines). Something about the chance to peek something otherwise unseen.