Gardening with Tere

Some awe-inspiring images of cyber model "Tere" apparently doing some general weeding, pruning and gardening.

Has gardening ever been this sexy 'n' hot before? Love her cowgirl hat, too.
Big Thank You to Michelle of the fine blog, Cutiepie's Sexy Spankings, for finding these yummy pix! Check her blog out and say hello!

Michelle: I'd like to you offer you a job at The Daisy Dukes Report, Director of Field Research. . . . .


Cindy's Got it Going On

Cindy Crawford, doing the duke's mid-90's style. You diggin' it?


Beautiful Bryanna

The beautiful and highly spankable Bryanna. Exclusive pic kind courtesy of:



this is your brain.

this is your brain lookin at Kamilla's beautiful bottom.

any questions?


Thank You Michelle

There's a a terrific and wonderful blogger by the name of Michelle (aka: cutiepie), who writes several blogs including the top-notch SexySpankings Blog. Do perv on over and check her cool blog out.

Not only is Michelle lovely and talented, terribly spankable, and deliciously naughty, she has a keen eye for hot babes and hot toasted, well-spanked buns. But that's not all, folks! Also Michelle has a sharp eye for naughty brats clad in skimpy shorts. Now that's my kind of gal.

She was kind enough to submit the following fotos to The Daisy Dukes Report.

One word: yum!

Thx Michelle!


Neat and Tidy

I'm happy to say that Cherry Red Enterprises, Worldwide, Inc., has hired some new cleaning help, by the name of "Alli," to basically keep our corporate headquarters neat and tidy.

I"m sure she will do a fine job. (Click on the pic for a closer look)

Dukes Night Out

I simply must attend some of these "Daisy Dukes Night" events/contests, though I"m not aware of any in my neck of the woods.

Have any readers out there been to a club where they had a short-shorts contest? Hm.... perhaps I could be a judge? Pix found on Flickr.

Cherries and Cream

"Now then, do you even HAVE panties on under these, well, these tight, impossibly tiny, very and deliciously...snug was I saying? train of thought..."

What is it about spanking, and short-shorts, that goes so well together?

As well as cherries and cream? Hall and Oates? Laverne and Shirley? You get the idea.

Thusly, here are a few yummy examples from a site that offers some great vids and pix of small shorts and hot bottoms -- the good people at Bad Tushy.

"No good! Bad! These shorts no good in English class! I send home after detention but now tan hot ass here!"

Click here for some yumtastic video clips:
Video: BadTushy short-shorts spanking

And here for a few more images:
Shorts and Spanking Photos at BadTushy

For all intents and purposes, these aren't quite 'short-shorts' but, close enough:


Get Thee To a Woodshed: The World of EndArt

Get thee' to a woodshed!

The artist behind EndArt wonderfully combines tiny shorts and another fetish we know a little bit about, spanking, in a playful, sexy and hot fashion in these 2 illustrations.

Do check his very cool site out for lots of cool free spanko sampler galleries. Both whimsical and sexy, a lot of his art also has a great sense of humor, too.


DawnAvril: Master of the Pout

I know it's not a shorts pic, but I just *love* her pouty, naughty expression in these amazing pix. And the pout seems to be Dawn Avril's charming, signature modus operandi.

The plaid skirt doesn't hurt either.....So spankable, don't ya think?

p.s. DDR has featured Dawn before in this post:
The Daisy Dukes Report: DawnAvril: Most Spankable, and Pouty, BratBabe