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Chloe and the Delights of Denim

Chloe is a lovely model in the spanking fetish scene, who, thankfully, enjoys donning some smallish jean-shorts on occasion.

Here is my favorite pic of Chloe in these denim delights. Do check out her blog for more on Chloe.


Kari Is The Sweets

Any baseball fans out there?

**For more on Kari Sweets, click here:

Next Door Nikki's Naughty Shorts

Popular cyberspace model Next Door Nikki frolicking around in her jean shorts, doing the Dukes. Last pic is my favest.

For more on Nikki, point your browsers here:


Countrygirl Serena Doing the Dukes

Another naughty countrygirl that has gotten too big for her britches (though they are in reality perhaps nonexistent) and will need a trip to the proverbial woodshed. Can I use any more cliches here? ;)


Brea Bennett: Spanked in Daisy Dukes

I can't think of anything I'd rather see than Brea Bennett (now an adult film megastar) get spanked in tiny jean-cutoffs' by her strict "Mom" (played by the wonderfully firm Clare Fonda) on Clare's Sweeties spanking site.

Kudos to Clare Fonda who captured for posterity's sake several spanking vids with the gorgeous Brea.

For the complete vid and tons more red backsides, click here:



A Reader's Pix from Paris

Can you imagine if your girl left the house dressed like this? So naughty. How would you handle that?

Thank you very much to the kind and generous reader from Paris who has sent me some lovely short-shorts (and related spanking pix) from his collection for The Daisy Dukes Report.

I am posting some of my favorites. Not sure if he took these pix or not; nonetheless, they are making me want to brush up on my French. Some look pro-shot; others clearly candids. (click on the pix for the larger images).


Triple Threat

A triple threat from Ann-Angel.

Three brats who need a long trip over my lap for a good hot and firm spanking. . . .though they may end up spanking each other first.


I Heart Eden

Eden + Daisy Dukes = Heaven

(I suggest clicking "Play" on the Song of the Month on the right hand side of this blog for the full effect.)

(Images Courtesy of I Heart Eden)



I'm not sure who this amazing model is, but don't you have the sense she needs to be taken out to the woodshed for dressing like such a naughty countrygirl?

Tiffany and Her Sporty Shorties

I know the Daisy Dukes Report seems focused on denim delights, but we do focus on other kinds of shorts, in addition to general hotness in all forms and variations.


Shorty Shorts and a Strapping

"W-what the....Drinking low-quality Chardonnay once again? And all my '62 vintage Pino Grigot is gone? And sneaking out when you were grounded, wearing skimpy jean short-shorts? Go get me the belt."

This woman apparently did something simply awful and simply very naughty. Girls Boarding School offers us a provocative taste of the belt as iconic implement of old-fashioned discipline.

It's a double-whammy to see a leather belt and snug shortshorts and spanking -- all at once. These are among my favest all-time pix from the Girls Boarding School folks.

For more on this website, surf on over here:

Against the Wall. Now.

Originally featured on The Cherry Red Report, I thought this satirical movie poster (amazing source image, which should win some kind of ass award, courtesy of Phil-Flash) would be apropos for The Daisy Dukes Report.

Heck, I almost called this The Tight Jeans Shrine Blog WebSite Thing, but I thought The Daisy Dukes Report had a better ring to it. Shorts. Tight Jeans. Schoolgirls. Cheerleaders. Spanked Hotties. It's all good.



Meet Lexxie.

Not only are these jean-shorts quite diminutive, they are cut low at the waist as well. Lexxie's such a naughty one, don't you think?

The belly-shirt and pony tails just add to the natural beauty of this strikingly beautiful woman.


Badgirl Tattoo-Inspired Illustration

I'm quite taken with tattoo-inspired exquisite image as seen on the erotica site Dirty Spoke.

Apparently, they know how much The Cherry Red Report
obsesses over spankable naughties -- especially in snug shorty shorts -- and low-cut ones too.

(Artist unknown. If anyone knows who this artist is, please contact me.)


A Lovely Day for a Bike Ride

I think this is absolute perfection. (Source: Twistys)


Public Service Announcement: Got Tushy?

We think it is very important to ask yourself the following question, at least once a day: Got Tushy?

Feel free to print and frame these images for inspiration and motivation.

Thongs, or Shorts, or ?

The editorial staff at The Daisy Dukes Report has researched these photos of Megan in great detail, in order to determine whether her attire is closer to jeans masquerading themselves as thongs, or thongs that are, well, actually miniscule jeans shorts.

The results are inconclusive.

Clearly, more research needs to be done.

For the rest of the gallery, click here:
meg's short-shorts gallery

DawnAvril: Most Spankable, and Pouty, BratBabe

She'd fit over my lap just perfectly.

Dawn Avril has also perfected the pout.

The spankable, naughty, pouty, moody, rebellious look of a naughty teenager.

She also has a thing for skin tight jeans, which is another major focus (obsession?) of The Daisy Dukes Report.

Yum. I think she's one of the finest models in the biz today.

See the rest of the galleries here. Please leave a comment and lemme' know what you think:
DawnAvril in her yumtastic tightjeans

DawnAvril jean shorts gallery

White and red tiny shorts


World's Smallest Jean Cut-Off's?

This is Ann from the phil-flash empire of teasing, naughty, exquisite imagery. Anyway, do these actually qualify as "shorts" ? Hm.......I shall give this some very, very serious consideration.

Your thoughts?? :-)

Spice Girls Double Daisy Duke Crazyness

Twins? for real? ohmy.

See the full gallery here:
SPICE TWINS in their jean cut-offs

And nothing wrong with some twins spanking each other, of course....