I Like to Watch

[I'm re-posting this, as it's just too hot.]

Here we have a lovely video demonstration by cyber supermodel "Kate" on what asstastic, skimpy, drool-inducing jean short-shorts should look like (i.e. Very tight and Very small) and how to shimmy your juicy and bodacious backside for the camera.


cutiepie ml said...

Did I mention that was hot;)


Dave said...

So, tell me how you really feel? ;)



Peachie said...

Wow, for once I'm not the first to leave a comment:)

Probably not the kind of comment you are looking for Dave, but the video brings up another interesting fashion related question. Thong strings showing or not showing? Personally, if you are wearing something skimpy enough that a thong string would be showing, we already know you aren't wearing granny panties and it is just tacky to show what is obvious. But then I'm a hetero female so it doesn't really do anything for me. Thoughts? Comments?

Oh, and I did think the bra was adorable.

Dave said...

Peachie i'm so distracted by this video that I have no idea what you just said.

Dave said...