I'm not sure who this amazing model is, but don't you have the sense she needs to be taken out to the woodshed for dressing like such a naughty countrygirl?


Anonymous said...
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cutiepie ml said...

WOW!!! all I can say is Yummy!! Yummy!!


Prefectd (SPANKED HORTIC) said...

Oh no another blog I like, that makes 123......321 322 323 too many good blogs to read:-?


Anonymous said...

this young lady deserves a sound hand spanking

Dave said...

Thanks for your comments everyone! :-))

p.s. Yup--I must certainly agree she does need a good bottom tanning.

Abby said...

Hi Dave! I'm finally getting a chance to peruse your new site, and I must say, this was the picture to comment on. I love the Lolita red lips and eery youthfulness to this girl. And there's something about blondes (possibly because, as a redhead, they tormented me in my youth) that just makes me vicious and I'd love to see this girl's bottom as virulently red as her lips.