First off, thank you for making the "Daisy Duke Delurk Day" a great success! Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Dukes or denim thongs? You decide. More about this woman HERE.


Today is Dave's Daisy Duke Delurk Day!

Hello all,

Thrilling news! I simply want to announce today is officially "Dave's Daisy Duke DeLurk Day!" I know, please, try to contain your excitement.

I know a lot of folks surf on over to visit the Dukes blog, check out the lovely scenery, scroll through the archives -- but don't leave a comment. That's perfectly OK of course; however, we do love comments here at the Dukes Report headquarters, in which we celebrate the mind-numbing eroticism of impossibly tighttttt -- and snug -- and very short denim shorty shorts and their delicious offspring such as booty shorts and the like.

[I'm also VERY curious to know which is your favorite daisy dukes image.]

So feel free to say Hi and leave a comment. Today's as good a day as any. And pick your favorite dukes photo if you so desire, as well.

You can even be Anonymous if you are shy. :-)

Got Dukes?

Thx for reading and stay tuned for more sizzling, hard-to-find daisy dukes pix in the days and weeks ahead.

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Anna Angel is seriously ready for some football, as you can see in this sizzling pic. I don't even like football all that much. But I say, bring it on!

Regarding my team, the New England Patriots, they are looking simply laughable in preseason. Time to panic? Possibly. What's up with Tom Brady's injury?

Anyway, for preview videos and more pix of this angel, you can visit her hot site HERE.

***Want more? check out her BLOG. Yum!***


La Zona, Part Three

Photo courtesy of La Zona Modelos.


La Zona, Part Deux

For the complete gallery, click on over HERE.

Pix courtesy of La Zona Modelos.


La Zona

Mmmm....For the complete gallery, click HERE.

Photo courtesy of La Zona Modelos.


Up and coming model Chelsea Leiber. You like?


Tracy Nova

Got a bit of a new color scheme and look here at the dukes report. Hope you like? It's OK to leave a comment--I won't bite :)

Anyway, we here at DDR give this photo 3 snaps up in the Z formation! Pro model Tracy Nova is just looking divine.
Sadly, some not-too-bright soul tragically cropped the lower part of that amazing bottom in the photo. Unacceptable.


The Art of Garv, Part Deux


The Art of Garv

A teasingly hot masterwork by famed illustrator Garv.


Paris, from the Play with Paris website. Yum.


Krissy Goes Fishy

Not a huge fan of the fishnet look as worn by the spanktastic Krissy from Face Down Ass Up University, and her daisy dukes are really denim thongs, but, I mean, well, anyone complaining? :-)

Click here for the complete Krissy gallery.




Anime Dukes

I would not mess with her. Looks like she has a couple of fully-loaded 45's. Oh yeah, and that daisy duke thing.

Artist unknown.


The Always Spankable Nicole Sparks

Nicole Sparks doing some de-duking of her daisy dukes.


Shorts or Panties: The Debate Continues

These panties are really more like short-shorts. Or shorts that are more like panties. OK now I'm terribly confused. Be that as it may, it's just plain hot.

Image courtesy of La Zona Modelos, which is part of the LatinTeen Network.


Mystery Ass

Sadly, I do know who this bottom belongs to i.e. the name of the model.

Any alert reader recognize this sweet piece of tushy goodness? The dukes here are just how I like 'em---tight 'n' hot. [Pic courtesy of Flashy Babes.]

Of Britney, Braces and Daisy Dukes

I believe this model, Britney, is primarily aimed at folks who have a fetish for young hotties who are wearing braces.

......I believe this is an actual erotic fetish. I am not making this up, I think. But she dons the dukes in this pic, so it's all good.

You can perv over to Britney's site here.



Leah of XoXoLeaah fame, in the yellow top, in some yummy jean shorty shorts, posing with a friend. Perv on over here for the rest of the gallery.