What a Bandeau Has to Offer

You typically wear a comfortable shirt on your “chill” days, a sheer blouse for your casual days, a shirt made of soft material for work, and a tube dress for special occasions. Does this mean you’ll have to buy several different types of bra, or is there a type of bra you can wear under all those types of clothing? Technically, you can wear any type of bra with any kind of clothing, but you probably won’t look your best in some cases. It may be a better idea to include the strapless seamless bra in your lingerie collection.

B1andeau Bra

One type of strapless bra that you may want to consider buying is the . This bra consists of a simple band of stretch material. It looks very similar to a tube top, which you simply pull over your head and then adjust accordingly; it doesn’t have any kind of fastening. Perhaps the only difference between a tube top and a bandeau is that the latter typically has molded cups to support your breasts. There are also bandeaus that have underwire support. Some brands even include removable straps, for instances when you feel the need for additional support or to keep the bandeau in place.

 Seamless Bandeau

The removable straps are especially useful to full-breasted women who want to enjoy the benefits of wearing a seamless bandeau without worrying about it hiking up or slipping down under a loose shirt. Many full-breasted women also prefer bandeaus with underwire, as they feel that it offers better support. Note, however, that a bandeau without underwire is generally more comfortable to wear, so on days when you just want to relax, it may be best to wear a non-underwire bandeau with straps. Of course, if you’re wearing a tube top, the strapless underwire bandeau would be a better choice.

 Bandeau Black

Most bandeaus come in basic colors such as black, white, and nude. Nude is a particularly good choice for when you want your bra to be practically invisible under your clothes. There are, however, some brands that offer bandeau bras in a wide range of colors. This can be perfect for the more adventurous type. You could wear a plain red bandeau under a see-through, floral red blouse. There are also a few brands that offer bandeaus in lively patterns. You can wear these bandeaus under plain-colored sheer blouses. The bandeau can definitely be the versatile bra of your dreams.

Consumer Guide: Frequently Asked Questions on Buying Lingerie

As consumers, it is our right and responsibility to ask a sales representative about the products they are selling before we decide whether to buy it or not. The same is true when buying lingerie; you should ask about the features of a particular item before making a purchase decision. Clarify anything you aren’t sure about, even if it may seem unimportant. It is the sales representative’s job to provide all the necessary answers. To help you along, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about lingerie:

What type of bra is best to wear with spaghetti-strap tops?

Bra for Spaghetti Strap Tops

If you are fond of wearing blouses with spaghetti straps, be sure to have strapless bras in your lingerie drawer. Strapless bras are the best type of bra to wear under spaghetti-strap tops; with a strapless bra, you won’t have to worry about bra straps showing. You may also want to consider wearing a bra with detachable straps as well as breast petals or adhesive bras.

How should I wash my panties?

Washing Panties

If you want to know the best way to launder your panties, read the care instructions on the label. These may seem like a no-brainer, but many women actually do not take the time to read underwear labels. Note that while some panties should only be hand-washed, some are actually machine washable. If the care instruction says your panties are machine washable, it would be best to put them in a load with other delicate items. When drying your panties, you should avoid using the dryer and line-dry them instead.

Can I put my bras and panties in the dryer?

Bra and Panties

Can you put your lingerie in the dryer? The answer is a big no! Putting bras and panties in the dryer will shorten their life span and distort their shape. It will also destroy the texture of the fabric. Although some lingerie items are machine washable, you should still avoid drying them in the dryer. Line-drying is the best option for your lingerie.

Do I really need to buy a maternity bra?

Brown Maternity Bra

When you are pregnant, your breasts go through several changes. There may come a time when a regular bra will start to hurt. When your breasts start to swell and become tender, you need to start wearing a maternity bra. Maternity bras are especially designed to provide comfort to pregnant women. They also provide extra support. Strictly speaking, a maternity bra isn’t a requirement, but you need to remember that a regular bra isn’t designed to support breasts swollen with milk.

What is a sports bra and why do I need them?

Black Sports Bra

A sports bra is especially designed for active women. A regular bra provides only support, whereas a sports bra is designed to provide support while reducing the movement of your breasts at the same time. Since your breasts have no muscles, they need to be supported; if they do not receive enough support, they may sag and your posture may be affected. A sports bra can effectively provide the kind of support necessary to protect your breasts as you perform strenuous activities.

How to Start a Local Lingerie Shop

Have you ever thought about opening your own lingerie shop in your city, state, or town that you live in? Follow this guide and set up your own brick-and-mortar establishment in no time!

Build Your Capital First

Lingerie StoreOf course in order to establish your own lingerie business, build your capital first. Once you are confident with the money that you have saved and earned, that would be the time to plan everything out. Though it’s alright to apply for loans to quickly build your business, it’s better to just use the resources that you have for now. That way you wouldn’t have to worry about paying back loaned amounts.


Successful businesses like department stores and small private-owned businesses start out with not only careful planning but also thorough research of their respective industries. The important part of this process is to not really rush it. Take it step-by-step, research, and do what you can to make your business flourish as the years pass.

Make Your Business Plan

Lingerie DisplayWhen you are done with your research in relation to your planned lingerie business, it’s time to make that business plan! You don’t need fancy words or to be a complete expert to do this. All you need is common sense and creativity to make it happen. Remember the business plan is essentially the “core” of your entire business. Imagine it’s like a script for a TV show. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to start and know the flow of how everything is going to be.

For starters, a successful plan should have the following:

  • Vision, Mission, and Goal – This would help you get everything on track. What are you aiming for? What are your expectations in the future? What can you provide to your employees aside from their basic pays?
  • Floor Plan and Sketches – A sketch or perspective of what your lingerie business would look like. It doesn’t need to have detailed or fancy sketches. Just enough to help you and the contractors vision the interior and exterior designs of everything.
  • Marketing Plan – Though some worry about their marketing plans for later, it’s imperative that you include those in your business plan instead. Marketing plans contain your strategies in getting buyers, dealers, sponsorships, and even partners for your business. If you are still unsure at this point, you can start by this one important thing in marketing: your target market.
  • Products – Since you are planning a lingerie shop, then you should think of the brands, products, and other miscellaneous items that you plan to sell.


Lingerie StoreWith proper management, right people, and a positive mindset, it’s expected that your local lingerie business would be a big success. Though it’s still very uncertain, as long as you keep your head in the game you’ll sure to succeed and inspire other business individuals in your area. Good luck!

Moving on Your Own

When you are strapped for cash but you are required to move out of your own home, hiring removalists in Brisbane companies would be another expense to add up on your list. In this situation, moving out on your own would be the best option. If you plan to move out by yourself, follow these simple tips in order for you move out of your own home hassle- and worry-free.


Get the Necessary Packing Materials

Packing materials like storage boxes, polystyrene foam, packing peanuts, and packing paper are just some of the better materials to safely pack and transport your items. Most of these materials can be bought from your local office supply store.  You can, of course, recycle storage boxes. This option is a sound one; you just need to make sure that the boxes are durable enough for the whole moving trip.

Don’t Rush

Though it is understandable that every move needs to be done as quickly as possible, it’s not good to rush it either. Give yourself to time to rest or at least schedule everything in such a way that you wouldn’t find yourself deluged with stuff to do. Set you’re deadline first then schedule everything.

Rent a Truck

Since it’s not possible to avail of professional removal services, at least strive to come up with enough funds to rent a truck for the purpose of transporting your items. Make sure to book the truck rental at least two to three weeks before your move deadline. This is important especially if your move has been scheduled during the peak seasons.

Handling Heavy and Large Items

Moving heavy and large items like refrigerators, cabinets, and microwaves are risky especially when you are doing it on your own. When you are planning to pack such items, consider asking for help.

Get Insurance

To make sure that your items are covered during the move, consider getting renter’s insurance or contact your homeowners association if they have homeowner’s insurance.

Can’t Do It On Your Own? Get Help

Though you are trying to cut moving costs, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do the dirty work all alone. Get help from family members or people in your community. This way you won’t be delayed significantly and you won’t have to worry about failing to meet a fast approaching deadline.


How to Handle Dive Knives during a Dive

Though some scuba divers do not always bring them along, dive knives can really help you if you find yourself in a bind underwater. They’re some of the more important accessories to bring along aside from the required scuba gear.


Is a Dive Knife Really That Important?

Yes, it definitely is. The reason why some divers do not bring along dive knives is because they do not foresee the need for it. An example is a diving trip wherein they just plan to dive and drift for a while through open water where there’s no chance of them encountering anything that might entangle them. In scenarios like this, bringing along a sharp instrument would only prove to be excessive. However, if you’re planning to make a diving trip wherein there’s a good chance of you encountering seaweed, cables, and other things that might entangle you, it’s better to be on the safe side and bring one.

Don’t Bring Heavy Knives and Other Unnecessary Accessories Along

A dive knife doesn’t need to be fancy, too heavy, or too expensive to have. What matters is that it can help you whenever the situation calls for it. This also is the same with other scuba dive equipment that you possess. Being encumbered with unnecessary weight would only cause you to use up more energy and air. Look in local dive shops and see if they have lighter (but still reliable) dive knives.

Always Start with a Small Dive Knife

If you are a beginner diver or you’ve no experience in handling an edged instrument underwater yet, it is best to purchase yourself a small and lightweight dive knife. It should have a range size of two to six inches. Immediately using larger knives can be awkward and difficult to use underwater, increasing the chances of you inadvertently harming yourself and/or your fellow divers. Dive experts would recommend that you use a dive knife with a blade that is less than four inches—perfect for beginner divers.

Select Dive Knives with Serrated Edges

Dive knives range from both serrated and non-serrated types. Knives with serrated edges are preferred as they cut better through ropes, cords, and other materials.

Reminder: Purchasing dive knives with sharp tips is not recommended for newbie divers for obvious reasons.

Additional Tip: Be sure that your dive knife has its own sheath—one that makes it easy for you to pull out the knife whenever you need it.